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 Following Credits concerning Bible translations used in these Bible Studies:

First let me say, there are not bible translations without error, all have had the hand of man putting them together.  In spite of this the message has not been lost nor changed.  The King James Version some have put on the altar of worship forgetting the KJV is a government authorized version.  The King of England commissioned its production and upon completion received government approval.  It was no more a book of the people than the Latin Bible.  It is called the King James Version for a reason, as opposed to the Messiah's Version.  The miracle of the bible is it seems to have a life of its own.  Men have tried to destroy it, burn it, hide it, keep it from the common people but still it goes on in one form or another, century after century.  It becomes more perfect actually, as knowledge increases and more an more understanding of the orginal writings is exposed, uncovered, and detected in this ever growing explosion of knowledge and studied into the languages of the past.  It is a miracle book no matter what language it is in and there is no other book like it.  Yes, there are other books in the world called Holy Books but nothing compares to the writings of the Holy Bible of the Jewish and Christian faiths. 

The following credits identify the versions used as Bible sources throughtout this Web site:

This first version I will not be quoting from in the articles on this web site and I list it frist so you too can be alerted to this version of as one of the most biased and mishandled version around -- Still, even this faulty version, contains the message of salvation. 

GNB -- Good News Bible (or)  TEV -- Today's English Version -- This is an easy to read version, but take warning, it is not a very good Study Bible.  It is not to be take seriously as a work of the truth but a work of opinion and even some faulty doctrine setting.  Here is a simple example --

GNB/TEV version (Good News Bible/Today's English Version) --

(Gen 6:4) In those days, and even later, there were giants on the earth who were descendants of human women and the heavenly beings. They were the great heroes and famous men of long ago.

NIV version -- compared --

(Gen 6:4) The Nephilim were on the earth in those days--and also afterward--when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

KJV version -- compared --

(Gen 6:4) There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

Only the GNB/TEV, in these version comparisons, takes the liberty of changing the words into saying something, the Scriptures we cherish, does not say.  There is a popular movement (it is really an old suit, claiming to be new) afoot claiming Aliens (angels) came to Earth, went crazy over human women, had giant mutant children, and according to the false book of Enoch, attain heights of 240 feet (see article, Angels Marrry Women) .  Several books are coming out by authors such as Tom and Nita Horn and Steve Qyale, about DNA and genetic alterations to the Humans of Earth, claiming that the Bible supports this theory of theirs.  Tom and Nita Horn quote from the GNB/TEV and for good reason, as you just read, the translators of this version says something supporting their theories of space alien super beings that are unnaturally interested in lowly flesh and blood human.  The better translations do not say the "gaints" (Nephilim) were "descendants of human women" , but say, instead, just the opposite -- there "were giants on the Earth in those days and also afterward" -- after what?  After the "sons of God" (Kings) began to inter marry with those not of their beliefs or blood line.  The last part of this verse makes it plain the offspring from these unions were "men", not some half breed human/angel.  This version of the Holy Bible lends support to this kind of teachings that has its origins in the "Jewish Fables" of old.  The ancient Rabbis and the Kabbalist steeped in Jewish mysticism. 

(Titus 1:14) Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.

(2Pe 1:16) For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord YaHshua the Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty.

This is good reason to stay away from this version seeing it leads to false teaching not based on what the Scriptures say.  This viersion should never be used as a study bible and should never be used as a source point, as some New Age teachers do, to their own harm and yours -- if you listen to them and buy what they are selling you are joining in their deception.  

Now the Real Translation Credits:

The Names of God Bible -- (2012 update) This is a new comer to the scene of Sacred Names Bibles.  What makes this version so great is it is produced by a major publisher, Revel, printing under the colors of Baker House.  General Editor is Ann Spangler, author of the well know book, "Praying the Names of God". It is the first complete Sacred Names Bible offered up for sale in the Christian Book Stores, making this an accepted translation and version -- the first of many, I hope.  This version can also be found on Amazon.  It is an excellent translation, for study and reading, I think.  It is a very attractive printing with many helps and teaching.   This version does not flood the young believer with Hebrew names of every character and places, but focuses on the Name of the God of Israel, our Creator, and our Savior, which is how it should be.  Hebrew/Aramaic does not have to be your second language in order to use this version, thankfully.  Elohim, for God is used and Yahweh, for YHWH is used and for our Savior, Yeshua.  There are other names used and explained but all of the books maintain the names and appearance most are used to.  The name, Yeshua, is much better than the false name, Jesus, but is still not complete, leaving a portion of His full Name out, by dropping the "H".  Still, so much better, and an honest attempt at restoring His birth name.  No, it is not perfect, not it will not please everyone, but it is a step in the right direction in bringing about the prophetic words of our Savior, "Many will come saying I am the Christ (Messiah) and deceive many".  If we know the name JESUS is not His Name then we know from our Savior's own lips that many will come in His real and true Name, and deceive many.  No, I am not saying this version is a deception, not at all but for our Savior's words to be true in the end-times, His Name must become commonly known and up until this version came out in the Christian Book Stores only a few had this knowledge but today we see this changing and this version, in my opinion, is the turning point in this knowledge.  I peraonaly do not agree with the use of the name Yeshua and prefer His birth name, YaHshua.  The Yeshua leaves out an improtant part of His complete Name.  The form, Yeshua, is discussed in several articles I have written explaining this.  Link -- Yeshua, YaHshua or Jesus

KJVSN-- King James Version Sacred Name -- King James Version with term LORD, in all caps, replaced with the accepted Name of God, YaHWeH (YHWH).  Our Savior's name is presented as Yahshua (YaHshua).

Other SACRED NAME versions:  Over the last 20 years several holy name bibles have come out.  Most are based on the KJV, or the ASV and the Rotherham version, because these are Public Domain and can be copied, even edited, without premission.  Essentially these two versions belong to the public. 

  Holy Name Bible -- Based on the KJV -- this version uses Yahweh in the Old Testament and Yahshua for our Savior in the New Testament.  This Bible is famous among the Sacred Names Movement.  It is one of the first, truly, Holy Name Bibles and dates back pre 60s -- it is in and out of print.  Originally printed by The Scripture Research Associatioon, Inc.  A. B Traina is credited as the revisionist (editor). 

  The Book Of Yahweh -- A product of the false prophet Hawkins -- claims to be one of the two witnesses of Revelation 11 and his dead brother as the second.  There is some dispute as to the version he used to create this version.  His followers are full of vigor for his teachings and do not take kindly to criticism.  This is a totally unreliable version for study.  The person responsible for this version is Yisrael Hawkins, not his birth name, he changed his name as many of these false prophets do.  This version has flagrant additions not found in any of the original writings.  Because it is assumed he, Hawkins and his dead brother know the truth above all they can take the liberty to make verses say what they want them to say to fit what they think the see.  Considering one of the brothers is dead it is easy to understand why this is a work of only half truths.  Hawkins see himself and his dead brother as the Two end time Witnesses of Revelation 11.  They also teach that Satan is a female.  Even though the Aposltes of YaHshua taught that there is neither male nor female among angels they still teach this.  This work is a perfect example of what our Savior meant when He said, "Not everyone that says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom", and by this we can understand that have the knowledge of His Name is not a gaurantee -- the promise is in Him, whom we know, correctly, to be YaHshua. 

  Restoratation Of Original Sacred Name Bible -- based on The Epphasized Bible version, by Rotherham -- uses YAHVAH, for YaHWeH, and YAHSHUA, for our Savior's Name.  I find the Rotherham difficult to read in many places but it is recognized as a scholarly work and is one of the few older translations that places the "tetragrammaton" back into the Scriptures, read as, Yahweh.  This is strange, then, that the ROSNB tosses that out and goes with the incorrect, YAHVAH.  This version, however, is proof, because of its age, that this knowledge has been known for many years and is simply ignored by most modern scholars.  The Jerusalem Bible, a French version is another example that has been around for a long time.  That version, however, stops short of restoring our Savior's birth name. 

  Restoration Study Bible -- Based on the KJV but with a twist, it has incorperated the Strong's numdering system into the text for every word.  You would think this would make for hard reading but it doesn't for me.  My objection is they did not include the Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries for a quick reference of the numbers.  Also, for a Study Bible, they placed the Book Names on the inside of the page next to the spine and this makes for hard thumbing to locate a Book.  The binding is great and for $20 is hard to beat -- www.yrm.org  This is a relatively new entry into the Holy Names Bibles.  I sent a letter to them addressing some issues I hope they take into consideration.  Here is a link to the letter -- Open letter to YRM

  HNV -- Holy Name Version --  There are other bible version that have restored the Name of our Savior but all follow a process favoring their view of scripture, and while most that have "restored" the birthname of our Savior. It falls short in the OT, continuing to use LORD, in caps, as opposed to restoring this to the original, YHWH (YaHWeH), it does mention the corrected Name in its notes, however.  This version is based on the WEB version, a very ambitious and sucessful project that has been going on for some years.  The WEB (World Engilsh Bible) is well known among anyone traveling the internet having any interest in the Holy Bible (See below for WEB credits). The HNV followes this copyright free version (WEB) based on the ASV (American Standard Version, 1901, public domain).  The purpose is to replace the bogus name improperly entered into the scriptures. 

WEB -- World English Bible -- http://www.ebible.org/

The World English Bible (WEB) is a Public Domain (no copyright) Modern English translation of the Holy Bible. That means that you may freely copy it in any form, including electronic and print formats. The World English Bible is based on the American Standard Version of the Holy Bible first published in 1901, the Biblia Hebraica Stutgartensa Old Testament, and the Greek Majority Text New Testament. It is in draft form, and currently being edited for accuracy and readability. The New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs are close to how they will read when they are finished, but most of the Old Testament still contains some archaic grammar that will be revised. For more information, please see the World English Bible Frequently Asked Questions.

       Note: The ASV of 1901, is recognized by nearly everyone as accurate and praised by some as a better translation than the KJV.  The WEB and those working on the project have choosen wisely.  they could have used the KJV, also in public domain, making it free to copy, but by using the ASV they jump way ahead of the KJV in reproducing a "word" for "word" in the modern vernacular, the AVS already having accomplished this.  There is also a a HNV, Hebrews Name Version of the WEB.   


     This is a world famous version and does not base its translation on the KJV.  It is a stand alone translation from older sources, yes I said older MSS.  The KJV is based on the most numerous of MSS and fragments numbering into the thousands -- the Textus Receptus.  The amazing thing the NIV proves is the pure word of the Holy Bible being translated into English from the latest evidence in support of the accuracy of the Hebrew and Christian writings.  Using the NIV and the KJV side by side you do not see two different messages, you see two translations, from vastly different backgrounds, but so much alike, so identical in massage proving the miracle we call the Holy Bible.  For the purity of an English-American language translation you cannot do much better than the NIV.   The New King James (NKJV) is pretty good too.  In the NIV you will find the varient reading noted in its notes, giving the reader a chance to question the choice the translators made.  I find this completely above board in an honest effort to reproduce and accurate and reliable translation.  Not the only one, to be sure, and it, like all of the others, used the procedure of substitution when it comes to restoring the birth Name of our Savior, YaHshua. 

KJV -- Authorized KING JAMES VERSION -- Original production, 1611 (Revised, 1616) (Revised, 1629) (Revised, 1638) (Revised, 1762) (Revised, 1769) (Other Revised Versions taken from KJV, 1881-1901, the American Standard Version) (Revised again in 1982) 

          The original KJV is based on a previous translation known as the Bishops Bible of 1568 and this version being kin to the Geneva Bible of 1560.  The Bishops Bible also has some relations with the Great Bible of 1539, Matthew's's Bible of 1537 and Tyndale NT of 1526, the Gutenberg Bible of 1455, and before that the Wycliffe Bible of 1384 which brings us to the Latin Vulgate of 380 and it derived from the Codex Vaticanus of 325 then following this back to Biblical Papyrus from the first Century.  Certainly there are other translation dating from the centuries before and to the present.  I tried to give a simple family tree linked to the KJV.  Why?  Because it is necessary to understand that the KJV never has stood on its own as some have tried to teach.  Not only has this Version of the Scriptures drawn on the previous translations before it, especially the Bishops Bible, but the translation mentioned are all related, each drawing on the other for improvements and corrections to the text.  The 1611 version of the King James is technically a major revision of the Bishops Bible.  What makes the KJV unique is its acceptance by the ruling powers of the English Speaking World as the literal word of God and deem worthy of public reading and ownership.  This type of religious freedom, that every man and woman could own and read an "Authorized Version" was, at the time, being denied Christians living in Europe under the control of the Catholic Church.  "Authorized Version" means just that, it was given the blessing of the GOVERNMENT, the ruling power of the English was King James, hence the title, Authorized King James Version. 

Remember this little bit of history the next time anyone tries to tell you that the KJV Bible is the only bible "Authorized" by God, or the HOLY SPIRIT.  The Honorable (?) King James was neither a god nor the Holy Spirit.  If you give the Holy Spirit of the Creator God credit for having produced the KJV Bible then you have to do the same for the Bishop's Bible as well and all that came before it.  This, my friends, only seems reasonable.  You will also notice that the KJV Bible it-self has had several revision.  There is a false teaching that you should avoid all other translations as they are the work of the Devil.  The true work of the Devil, concerning Bible translations, is to keep you from reading the plain scriptures in you own language and dialect.  This then handcuffs you, the reader, to the false teachers that are then humbly obliged to tell you what the words are saying.  This kind of nonsense goes back to the Dark Ages when the scriptures were considered too holy for the common man to understand so "traditions" were set in place and instead of teaching from the Word stories were told and pictures shown and tradtions established as teaching methods for the ignorant population.  The Scriptures themselves were put under lock and key.  One of the greatest freedoms given mankind, and a number one reason the United States became the land of the free was the freedom to read the scriptures for yourself.  The hood in falsehood has been yanked off by the blood of many, paying with their lives at the burn stake in order to deliver to you and me a book of writings having originated from our Creator in many, many different languages.  Today the Holy Bible, for the first time in history, is being PUBLISHED in China.  If you look inside of the cover of some of the new printings you will see BEIJING, China listed along side other publisher sites.  My reference for this is the NKJV of 2007.  What is the significance of this?  Matthew 24:14 "And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the World for a witness unto all Nations; and then shall the end come." KJV  -- Mark 13:10 "And the Gospel must first be PUBLISHED among all nations." KJV

It is interesting to note, while the KJV may have been the first bible version to reach "China" once the Communist had taken control this ceased and as tensions eased, in the modern China, the NIV jumped in with both feet.  The NIV, would be my guess, has more version translated into Chinese than any other version.  So, wht do you think, are the Chinese people getting the Word?

The King James only (click on this link for more on this subject) people would deny people of other languages the "published" Gospel in their own language

NKJV -- Scripture taken from the NEW KING JAMES VERSION, copyright 1997 -- This is a very good rendering of the KJV in a modern format.  The language has been upgraded to the modern dialect dropping the old English way of speaking and actually making many hundreds of corrections and footnotes concerning some of the new findings.  If you have trouble reading the KJV try this one.

MKJV -- Modern KING JAMES VERSION  -- This is a valiant effort by a reknown Bible Scholar, J. P. Green of the Greek/English parallel version.  Some of the KJV only adherents take issue with the MKJV.  The MKJV is a word for word of the highest order.  Why the KJ only people would not like this is merely a question of doctrine.  When you have favored doctrines that get scuttled due to a more exacting version then, of course, you have to go on the attack.  J.P Green has been studying the Greek language longer than most and has presented the Christian community with undisputed works in this area.  He has undertaken a chore in the service of the Greek Originals  (?) that should please everyone supporting the idea of the Greek as the orginal language of the Apostle, and even our Savior?  I do not hold with this theory -- certainly Greek is one of the first languages the letters to Churches (Assemblies?  Ecclesia? -- groups of citizens -- you know, believers of the Kingdom - translated as Church), but Greek is not the only language.  Aramaic is really the language of the Messiah and of the Apostles.  Hebrew, kin to Aramaic, or the other way around, was the language of the Priesthood, and of the reading of the scrolls on the Sabbath.  It is, in reality, highly unlikely our Savior conversed in Greek except on specail occasssions -- like when talking with a Gentile.  The truth is, and we should all recognize this, the Greek is one of the first but not the only first.  The letters and the Gospels also were translated into the Aramaic language as the Eastern Orthodox Church testifies -- this it is the version they use.  Again, the KJ Only websites and groups and teachers are trying to protect something they have commited to in the KJV translation as the only "inpired" version to the point of believing the Holy Spirit wrote it -- errors and all.  This is an error of supporting doctrines taught by the language of the KJV as the only "authorized version", this, however, comes from the King of England, not the Holy Spirit and the term "authorized" really means Kin James as head of the English government put his seal of approval on the books selected to read at the Churches of England.  KJV ONLY?  

J.P. Green should be applauded for his work, and is by many, but the KJ Only crowd should be ashamed of themselves for attacking his work.  If you accept the idea of the Greek being the Original tongue and you see J.P. Green returning the tongue to its orginal form then inot English, I would think everyone would be on board.  If, however, and I'm among this group, you do not accept the Greek language as the original tongue of the Apostles, anymore than the Roman Catholic Church Latin is the Holy language then this is a worthy work but not the final word either.  This version, Modern King James, is worth a look and worthy as a reference in your Bible studies. 

NASV -- New American Standard Version

This version is really a revision of the ASV, American Standard Version, considered by many scholars as the best of the best of the word for word translation.  It follows the tradtions of the KJV but in an updated language format suitable for the Amarican tongue.  While the ASV attempted to restore the Holy Name of the God of Israel to the text they mistakenly applied a name we now to be in error.  Asode from this the work has been applauded by the scholars ot then and even today.  The NASV, New American Standard Version, continues the fine work maintaining their loyalty to the word for word translated and transliterated (loosely) into the American dialect of the English tongue.  Some do, however, find the reading tedious as the reading level is above the 12th grade level and this is especially true of the ASV.  The NASV has attempted to update the language while maintaining the word for word statis and they have done a good job.  I'm only sorry they chose to drop the transliteration of the Holy Name of the God of Israel.  They could have easily corrected this by following the fine example of the Jerusalem Bible an accepted, scholarly work, found, I would guess, in every serious bible student, and teachers library -- if not find one. 

NLT -- Scripture taken from NEW LIVING TRANSLATION, copy right 2004

          Note:  NLT is a far different translation than the orginal Living Translation.  The LT is a complete paraphrase and its views lean toward Catholic Traditions as opposed to true scriptural doctrine.  The NLT, on the other hand, is true to the translation of the original languages of the Old Testament and the New Testament.  For this reason I do not use the older LT but will quote from the NLT from time to time.

RV -- REVISED VERSION  --  A worthy work in an attempt to improve on the ASV for the English speaking people of America.  It gained some popularity and is still around.  Never quite took over from the KJV.

NRV -- NEW REVISED VERSION -- As the title implies, "new" but not different so much as updated.  Again, it is a worthy work but not as popular as the NIV.  At a time when you might think the NRV would be popular a competing version, the NIV, comes along and takes up the slack in the Americanized language of the world.

JPS -- Jewish Publication Society -- Also known as , TANAKH, The Holy Scriptures According to the Traditional Hebrew Text.  This version like all Hebrew Versions are misleading in their Origin.  Modern Hebrew is not the Hebrew of the Original Authors.  All Hebrew Bibles are basses on or trace back to the Greek Septuagint, LXX.  This Greek word was commissioned by the Roman/Greek governments sometime before 200 BC.  The Hebrew language was becoming lost and to preserve the Hebrew writings this task was given to 70 Jewish scholars to reconstruct the writings into the accepted, universal language of the day, Greek.  Today the Original writings are lost, leaving only the LXX behind. 

HNT -- Hebrew New Testament

CEV -- Contemporary English Version

NCV - New Century Version, copyright 1991

NJB - New Jerusalem Bible, copyright 1985 -- This English version is a translation from the French Bible de Jerusalem

         Note: This is a French production from 1966 followed by a 1973 revision that led to the NEW being added to the title.  This is one of the few Bibles that actually saw fit to restore the Name of the God of Israel, Yahweh (YHWH) to the text where it belongs.  They stopped short, however, in the New Testament, preferring to follow the traditions of the KJV translators and substituting the title, "LORD" in place of the Sacred Name.  They, the New Jerusalem Bible translators, almost got it right.  You will find the Name used throughout the copious notes of this fine translation. 

There are many other fine tranlslations such as, The Holy Bible From Ancient Eastern Manuscripts, by George M. Lamsa.  Affectionately know as the Peshitta.  The term Peshitta means straight, simple, sincere and true.  The beauty of this version is it is obtained from the Eastern Church and proves, by its very being (existence), that the message is not lost, proving again, the Holy bible is true and correct in its message to mankind encompasses all of the translations not just one, as some claim -- the Eastern MSS contain and present the same Message as found in the Greek and the English.  What a miracle, imagine, so many different translations from different sources and still so very much alike, so much alike as to be identical -- amazing -- Praise you YaH!

One last thing, concerning my handling the various translation on this web site -- it is becoming an ever increasing practice of biblical writers to include quotes from the Bible within the body of their own text.  After a while it nearly seems as if the verses they quote is theirs.  I understand the need for compactness but this kind of writing boarders on plagiarism -- maybe that is a little strong and is not intentional but still, the pratice tends to blend what our Savior may have said, or one of His Apostles, and what the writer is trying to say.  For this reason I prefer to keep the scripture I am quoting seperate from the text a majority of the time, some times, when quoting a partical verse I will include it in the main body of text for impact in making a direct point.     

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