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YaHshua Is Messiah
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You must call on the name YaHshua or you will not be Saved --



I have heard this charge more than once and it gets tiresome defending myself concerning this truth about our Savior's true Identity -- His birth Name, the Name he was given at birth, the Name delivered by an angelic messenger from His Father in Heaven -- A Name through and by which there is no salvation (Acts 4:12).  So, what do you think I think?  Do you think it is important?  Most Christan's seem to think the Name Jesus is important and that that is the name to pray to, and through which salvation is proclaimed -- they think it is very important, don't they, do you?  If you answer, Yes, then what if Jesus is not his name?  If then, you defense is it does not matter, it is all a matter of the heart, then you might as well follow Buddha, or pray to stones and statues, or some imagine image.

What is the answer to this question, "Is there salvation in any other"?  The answer according to scripture is No! But, the answer you are searching for is yes and no -- now are you confused?  Not everyone that reads my articles is convinced any of this matters.  For those of you already convinced or having settled this issue in you own minds, may find some of what I am writing redundant.  I have mentioned this subject in other articles but decided I need to focus on this one subject to clarify some accusations or misunderstandings by some offended at being told they are calling on a false name. 

No, you do not need to know His Name to be saved, that is prior to the day of Judgment.  Feel better now?  But wait, one day you will have to, as a believer, eventually, even after the resurrection be required to admit YaHshua is Savior and you will call on His Name to be saved -- you will acknowledge Him.  It is not for everyone now, today, many are called but few are chosen, the path is narrow, remember.  Eventually all will bow to the Name of YaHshua.  If you have this information today and you see the truth of it and you deny it, then what?  That, of course is not for me to say, you are on your own. 


Many thousand and thousands, million even, having never heard His Name spoken and will enter the Kingdom.  Men and women have been burned at the stake at the hands of other professing themselves Christians.  Men in authority of the Church of Satan has historically turned on believers burning them ashes.  Influenced and encouraged by demonic forces calling themselves Christians -- Christians killing people in the name of god.  The Roman Catholic Church once ruled all of Europe and murdered many thousands of Jews driving them from their homes and out of the countries they lived in and along with them true believers in the Messiah of the Bible.  But it did not stop there, the roman Church already drunk on the blood of the saints continued pursuing anyone not falling in lock step with the pagan teachings of this Babylonian Whore.  It is this Church, the Daughter of Babylon that declared all believers must call on the name Jesus, or Iesus or die.  Certainly others perished at the hands of these impostors for other reasons, such as Tyndale for having had the nerve to print copies of the Bible in the common language for the average citizen to read.  The Christian Protestants came out from her, not because the disagreed so much concerning the Roman traditions.  You will notice most Protestant Churches observe the same customs and traditions, in one form or another, as that of their Mother Church, the Church of Rome.  It was mostly a power struggle, the people and the civil authorities tired of the Roman Catholic heavy hand.  Today this once world stopper with unlimited power among men is reduced to a few acres centered in Rome Italy as an independent state.  This Church, however, is thirsty for power and it will only be a matter of time before she is once again released.  I personally believe this is the seat of Satan today.  The importance of this will come to light one day, a day when Satan will turn his power and his seat over to the Beast (Rev 13:2).

If the same situation were to arise today, a return of the Roman Church to absolute power, and I or someone like me were standing in front of their scarlet robbed agents of Satan and they demanded I call on the name Iesus (Hey-Zeus, or Isis) or die I would have to die as I could not call on that Name as do the majority of Christians.  If I tried to explain to them what chance do you think they would give me -- assuming, of course that they had returned to absolute power.  Could it happen again? Is it possible the Roman Church of Babylon could once again have that kind of power?  I think so and do not apologize for hurting the feelings of anyone calling themselves Roman Catholic.  It is your personal responsibility to know the religion you are a part of or defend.  Millions were happy to help the Roman Church purge Europe of the Jews as Christ Killers -- do you suppose that made the Messiah, our Savior, a Jew Himself, Happy?  What I am saying here is a matter of history and beyond denial, so how is it they have a billion membership?  Read Fox's Book of Martyrs if you want to see just how much power over life and death the Roman Church exercised and guess what

This woman, this whore, this Mystery Babylon rides the Beast of the past and will ride again.  It will be a battle of Names, names like that of the Beast, 666.  (Rev 17 and Rev 13:17-18)

Millions will stand before the judgment seat of the Messiah and will confess YaHshua and enter into the Kingdom and these will be people, many raised from the dead, having heard the Name our Savior for the first time.  Even though they may have lived their whole lives without this knowledge they will one day and a choice will be made.  The question is about those that have this information before that day and refuse , deny, reject, or for some other reason push the Identity of their Savior away in favor of a false Identity. 

Remember, those following the Beast and the False Prophet will be calling on the Beast name, or will have accepted it as a matter of being part of the system and as a matter of physical survival.  They will either accept the false name of the Beast or they will not be able to buy or sell, so it will be a name they have to accept or they will not be able to have a job.  As this system develops many believers will have to give up their lives, even their heads, to keep from accepting this system, this name, or the number of this name-- his name.  The world, after many major events changing the face of the earth a system will rise with the full power of Satan behind it, Satan will even give the Beast his power (Rev 13:2). 

There is a deception, as strong delusion that will accompany this new world order, this government of Satan.  Part of this deception, I believe, will be the identity of the True Messiah and the message of salvation in no other  --   not many ways, only one way, one Messiah, one Christ, one YaHshua -- no other way and the Good News is that through Him we have a shot at "eternal life", a life without evil present.  The "solution" to the world's problem is YaHshua.

What if this deception, or at least part of it, is in getting people to call on a false name?  When you do a little research it does not take long to discover the name Jesus is a modern creation.  This name, once seen as Iesus, later changed to Jesus.  Try pronouncing the name Iesus and what do you get?  It is't the name Jesus is it?  The King James Bible of 1611, the first version, the version authorized by the King, presented the name of the Savior as IESUS later revisions changed it to JESUS  Both of these names are incorrect and when you try to inform a Christian about this error you will see the deception at work.  It is really difficult to get someone to see they have accepted a baptism under and into a false name.  Sooner or later all professing believers will have to cross this bridge of truth.  

What I believe:

Do I believe everyone that has no knowledge of our Savior's true Identity is lost?  No, I do not.

Do I believe everyone that has this knowledge and rejects it may be in danger of being lost?  Yes, I do. 

Do I believe everyone with this knowledge is saved?  No, I do not. 

Satan has this knowledge as does his demons and they are not saved.  Our savior told us many would come in His Name and deceive many (Mat 24:5).  This is the warning for all that have this knowledge -- to take care, be on guard, do not automatically assume those with this knowledge are true to the word -- this includes me.  You bible is your text book on the authority of you mind and conduct.  If I, or anyone else, cannot explain themselves by the inspired written word then be cautious, very cautious. 

For anyone coming to this new revelation of truth and beginning to pray and call on His Name, pure of heart, I would suggest not hooking up with any particular group.  First ground yourself in this knowledge, as it is a key to understanding what the scripture is telling us and when the Spirit of our Father comes to you in those quiet moments of study and directs you to the answers you seek then you will be better prepared in your search for those of like mind.  Be patient and do not give authority to any other under the guise of titles like, apostle, Prophet, Elder, Bishop, or even Pope.  Your salvation is your responsibility --  Phillip 2:12

 My friends, the time is coming when YaHshua will be proclaimed King of Kings from Mount Zion and the name Jesus will be exposed as a hoax.  Every scripture you can think of, pointing to the name Jesus, in your own bible, is wrong and should be replaced with His true Name, YaHshua.  If you do this you will see how important this issue is.  Your bible says Jesus and that is a deception.  The following verses make this important and should not be ignored.

Acts 4:12, Romans 10:13, Acts 2:21, Jer 23:27, Phil 2:9-11, John 17:12, John 3:18, 2 Tim 2:19, Rev 3:8, Rev 22:4  These few scriptures are but the tip of this truth.  Be honest with y ourself and then ask yourself the question, "Must you call upon the name of YaHshua to be saved"?

Peace to all or you, brothers and sisters in the faith of YaHshua, your servant, Dan