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YaHshua Is Messiah
1. Words Perfect - the Proof 2. Passover 3. Holiday or Holy Day 5. Imminent Return? 6. Catholic Church bans Sacred Name 7. Amazing Facts Ministeries - answer to the Name 8. Blame Game - blaming everyone else 10. What is Missing from Remembering 9/11? 11. Islam, endtime religion? 12. Roman Church Moves toward Unity? 12/14/2009 13. Rapture - Switch on, Switch off 14. All For One Jesus 15. Christian Movements 16. Islamic Warriors 17. Religion of the East 18. Pat Robert's Haiti comments 20. Rapture Doctrine - Refined? 21. Scoffers -- Who Are they? 09-10-2010 22. Politics or Religion? 23. Debt, Beinging in Debt - Lending to Others 24. Signs of the Times -- The End Days? 25. I Think -- You Think? 26. Did You Know? 27. Obama Care-- Mark of the Beast? 28. Federal Take Over? 29. Witness? Witnesses? 30. Jesus or Iesus? 31. Homosexuality 32. The Great Evacuation? 33. Pig's Flesh Made Clean? 34. Satan's Children 35. Satan is Among Us 36. Mortals, Destined for Immortality? 37. Oil and Blood 38. USA in Prophecy? 39. Satan Among US 40. Clean, Unclean, again? 41. Be Calm, Be Very Calm 42. Hog, Pigs, Pork and Swine 43. Two witnesses of Revelation - Not Enoch, Not M 44. Westboro Baptist Church 45. Must you Call on the Name YaHshua to be Saved? 46. Historically speaking 47. European reawakeing Nationalism 48. UFO 49. Living Your Life In YaHshua 11-20-2010 50. Baptism 51. The Law Abolished? 52. Fire of the Holy Ghost 53. Mark of the Beast 57. False Christ? 58. Japan is Struck (03-12-2011) 59. Earthquake and Tsunami (03-14-2011) 60. Nuclear Plant Locations USA 61. May 21, 2011 The Judgement Day? 62. Jesus is not His Name! 63. Gospel for Teens 64. Gender Bender Dooms Day? 2011? 2012? Adam's Race Dogs and God's People * Elohim or Alohim - El or Al Savior called A Liar? Jewish Calling -- Jewish Gospel This Sphere We Live on and the Flood


 The more you read about and observe the world scene concerning the religion of Islam the more it appears as a religion Satan would build.  Islam is full of suspicion, inequality, guilt, vengeance, and hate.  It has a bloody past and many compare it to the history of the Christians during those dark periods of history know as the "Dark Ages" and this may be a fair comparison If you separate the religion of Christianity from the the Holy bible, which you must do.  I know, the Holy bible is what the battle between Christians of that time were all about, right?  Well, yes and no, you see it was really about power, about who is in charge and murder in the name of God seemed the order of the day -- but not of the Bible, that was not the message of the New Testament.  The "religious orders" claiming to be Christians were violating every command received from our Savior and His message of Love.  Pure Christianity has always taught love and forgiveness, little practiced in the Dark ages running through what is also known as the Protestant Reformation -- most real Christians, practicing the tenants of the Holy bible paid with their lives for being so daring as to obey the God and Savior of the Holy Bible rather than men, men usurping the authority of our Lord YaHshua. 

What of today?  Maybe the Christians have fallen short as evident from past history but today the Christian Church considers that history of the Church in abhorrence.  Nearly all Christian groups and seekers of the true path go out of their way to avoid such hateful thoughts of that kind of violence ever again.  But, this is not the case with the Islamic religion, if anything it is heating up.  There may be isolated incidence involving a Christian, or one claiming to be a Christian, where violence against innocent people occurs but nothing like we see from those following Islam.  When you hear of the deeds of its followers one thinks of living in the past, the ancient past of tribal warfare where human rights are unheard of.  Satan appears to have released the Christians as a violent force and is using the poor Muslim people as his tools of destruction, under the guise of righteous religion -- killing in the name of their god.  

 For the lack of love and forgiveness the followers of Islam live in a constant state of “guilt” and this burden can and does lead to the next emotion of hate, hate for ones self, fear for oneself, and finally hate for anyone and everyone you feel may be against you.  Always suspicious of others -- Islam having two sets of rules, one for conduct concerning a fellow Muslim and one for those on the outside, non Muslims.  Forever the follower of Islam is kneeling in a ceaseless state of guilt not able to please the demanding god they are enslaved to -- most having been born into this religion, not having a choice. 

  So, how is it this religion has captured the hearts of so many?  The Muslim people, for the most part, are raised from birth to accept nothing but what is perceived to be the truth found in the Koran, their holy book.  Authority in their lives is handed over to a few men as prophets and priest supposedly speaking for Islam and feeding the people on a steady stream of hate.  

Many Muslims see the need for a Creator God, they see and feel the hole in the hearts of humanity and a need to fill that empty space with an answer for our being.  The Islamic religion fills this hole giving direction and absolutism to the follower.  What follows then is to see the leaders in this religion as men of god, men chosen for special purpose of leading the Muslim in all truth.  It is few, indeed, that question this absolutism concerning the priest and prophets.   Those of Islam find the answer to the unanswerable in their Koran, much as Christians find the answers they need in the Holy Bible.  Many Christians, too, tend to hand their spiritual lives over to other men, teachers, even self proclaimed prophets and usually to their own hurt.  When your leaders tell you the world is doomed and you are able to see this, then they tell you you will be one of the survivors and will one day rule this world -- well, it isn't too far of a leap to do things in the name of your god for the cause.  This is nothing new, of course, and seems to be a constant source of aggravation, even death, to others.  This lead to some wishing religion would die, that we would a be better off without religion of any kind.  In the search for the answers we, Christians, Muslims, those of other religions accept the idea of a god but we fall short listening to evil men twisting the purest of religions into a harmful treatment of humanity. 

The answer to eternity will one day be seen clearly and the minds of those following these violent, unforgiving religions will see YaHshua the Savior of all men and women when He returns and begins the act of  “Restoration”.  Like it or not Israel will have favor nation position with the King of Kings.  It will take an act of our Savior to stop the insanity on this earth.  What Islam should fear is not Allah but other men.  If the Islamic religion, by its actions continue to kick and scratch at the rest of humanity with violent and senseless acts of murdered there may come a backlash from those they call hate greater than anything they could have imagined.  I do not think the USA will be the source of this backlash.  The USA has already had its day in the sun and while the Islamic terrorist have been pressed back they are gaining ground in a surprising place -- Europe.

  The European backlash may be something those of the Islamic religion are not prepared for.  The people of Islam is invading Europe en-mass for decades now.  When the terrorist turn on Europe and deliver to the Europeans a 9/11 of their own I think we will see a big change in world politics.  Time will tell.

  Satan is called the Destroyer and that is his objective – to destroy mankind – he will use anyone and everyone to accomplish this, to fill his anger and hate with our blood.  The religion of Islam fits a description of a religion supported by the coming Beast government.  True, there is some evidence that this end-time religion of Beast worship will mirror the a righteous religion, in a twisted form, but the ultimate mark of this Beast worship is the service to the destroyer god, the god of forces and this, characteristic of of a "destroyer religion" is today seen in the religion of Islam.  The coming Beast worship may be a of some other religion but for today it is the religion of Islam.  An interesting thing about the Beast government is the leader, the Beast leader, is said to not consider the god of his fathers, still, there is said to be a "False Prophet" that will cause everyone to worship the Beast.  So, what do we have when we consider the Book of Revelation?  A leader, called the Beast, somehow manages to convince people he can be trusted.  He is said to speak great things against the true God of Heaven.  He has a minister, the False Prophet, that is able to cause people to worship the Beast (as god?) and this is all brought about by something Satan does.  Satan gives his authority to this individual, and not only that he, Satan, turns his SEAT over to the Beast.  Imagine, a man with the power and authority of Satan operating from the very seat of power of Satan.  Incredible, Satan, for the most part, in the form of a man, or nearly so.  Will this be the 12th Imam of Islam/ will it be a false Messiah of Israel, with is be a false Christ of the Christians?  Will it be some composite of the three?  Time will tell but one thing is sure, this earth must first go through a devastation not seen since the Great Flood.  Time moves forward and time will eventually tell us where we are headed but it is the written Words of YaHshua found in the book of Revelation that will let everyone know just who is really in charge.

Things are going to change and change drastically, even dramatically.  There is coming a Great Quake, a worldwide earthquake that will change the political systems around the world.  Israel will be at the mercy of the angry people surrounding their small country and it will most definitely be a time for the people of Israel to call on their God – they will need a deliverer as the beasts of mankind seek to destroy them.  After the world quake the mega nations of today will not have the ability to come to the rescue, at least not soon enough.  Our Savior has promised to step in but not before certain things are carried out. 

1. A Great Earthquake, a worldwide event.  Political systems and countries destroyed.

2. ˝ of silence (1/2 hour?  A figure of speech, or a time of man rebuilding, ignoring God)

3. Then it will appear as the stars are falling from the heavens, earth aflame with fires

4. Next an asteroid will plunge into the ocean, killing a third of everything in it.

5. Next a comet will enter the atmosphere of the earth – exploding in our atmosphere poisonous debris will shower down polluting the earth’s fresh waters -- this would be Wormwood.

  And this is only the beginning, there will be other things, like the arrival of the “Two Witnesses” and the world will hate them.  How strange that will be. This is another thing demonstrating a different world from the one we know today, after all, the Bible tells us of these two and still we see they are killed and the world celebrates.  Wouldn’t you think people would see these as agents of the Living God?  They do miracles, they demonstrate power outside of the ability of men but the world hates them?  The Beast can do nothing against them for at least 3 1/2 years.  Yes, we will be in a different world, a world of confusion, a world as the days of Noah, full of scoffers and many having turned from their faith.  There may be very few, in fact, remaining in the faith of YaHshua, the faith of Christianity.

  How does the religion of Islam fit in here?  I am not sure if it does or not, anymore than how the Catholic Church fits in, as some teach she is the Whore of Revelation.  A new religion seems to be in the wings and perhaps brought about by the Great Quake.  The new religion may not be a religion as we know it.  We are told the false prophet will get everyone to worship the Image of the Beast, but we are told the Antichrist Beast will serve no god but will think himself god.  Are we then to assume the people of the world are going to go for this?  Well, yes, and again, perhaps, it is all brought about by earthly events turning the world as we know it today on its ear, literally.  These heavenly events as described in the book of Revelation, are to occurred before the the appearance of the Beast and False Prophet, before the Two Witnesses and before the return of the Messiah.     

One thing is sure, the last generation, known as the Laodiceans, will be present as witnesses and participant in these terrible times.  I pray they will see their nakedness and turn to YaHshua calling on Him for deliverance.  One day we are all going to see the truth.

Peace to you and to the body of YaHshua here on this earth as witnesses.  Your servant, Dan