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Obama Care -- Prelude to The Mark?


Comments by Dan Baxley

It seems the United States is going to have a united health care program with all kinds of Federal strings attached.  It has come to light the IRS, yes, the Internal Revenue Service, you know, the Tax arm of the government. 

Remember when the "government" meant, "for the people by the people"?  Not anymore, it now stands for the few ruling the many.  The following facts are coming to light:  The IRS is going to be the enforcement arm of the Obama Health Care program.  Some 16,000 new agents will be hired to carry out this task of forcing (opps, I mean enforcing) health insurance among the population and make sure that the population not only pay their taxes but also are enrolled in a government (federal) approved health program.  This is all to be in place 2014-2016 and if you do not comply there will be fines and penalties and who know what esle to pay? 

Imagine, 16,000 new enforcement agents?  That's an army and for what?  That's right, to force the masses to comply with the rules of those in power.  No longer by the people but, in their view, "for the people".  Yes indeedy, they know best, and we now know who the "they" are! 

To the Bible studtent this should send up an alarm.  Remember the Mark of the Beast?  Now wait, I'm not saying this President is the Beast as some are saying, no, I'm saying this is a possible prelude, or a type (pratice run) of system being put in place -- a step toward this coming Mark.

Think, the Marks is the number of a name, the Number of a man.  Now, what are they calling this Federally sponsored health programs?  That's right, Obama Care, no that does not count up to 666 but it does demonstrate how this might come about in the future.  What ever the Beast system is will carry the name of the orginator. 

Next, with the IRS army of agents to enforce compliance we have a pretty good example of eventually not being able to either "buy of sell" unless you are in compliance with Obama Care.  This could eventually grow into fines, penalties and eventually denial of services we now take for granted as free Americans.

I'm looking at this as a "type" of a future program endorsed by someone far more intelligent than President Obama, an individual understanding "dark sayings" and having the power of Satan at his personal disposal.  If you do not accept and take on the Beast Care System (by whatever name) you will not be able to keep a job and you will be denied the ability to take part in the economic system.

This Obama Care program is but one step in that direction.  Look at it, seventy percent plus of free Americans opposed this system but still they marched on.  The White House is filled with National Socialist, all of whom know better how to run this country and the world. 

 Nancy P. said this is part of the plan to help and protect the "middle class".  Just whom does she think the "middle class" are?  The "middle class" of America are the employed working class and have been taking care of themselves without much problem except for when the government has gotten in the way of their personal freedoms.  Nancy P. obviously thinks the unemployed, those on welfare, those called the homeless are the "middle class".  Once again she let's the cat out of the bag -- this is the vision they have for the free Americans, to be reduced as dependants of the Federal Government.  Once they attain this "plus" advantage at the voting polls they, these "social engineers" invision permanant rulership and not far fropm a single party system. 

They gradually reduce the true "middle class" creating more dependants at the government teat.  And how are they doing this?  By lies and more lies.  The Obama supporters fooled as President Obama has lied about everything he promised as a middle of the road canidate.  The lies continue to role out from the highest to the lowest and it appears it will not stop. 

The United States is about to turn a corner of no return.  It is sad to say, but history demonstrates the people of all countries eventually get what they deserve.  A government is a reprsentative of the population.  The people of the USA voted the Obama liars into office and many continue to make excuses for them. 

The coming Mark of the Beast will represent a man, by nuimber and name, and that Mark of acceptance will make it possible of the masses to trade, hold jobs, buying and selling as consumers and as those involved in commerce.  This is not something everyone will want to participate in and some will not but this will brand them as going against something seen as a benefit to all.  Eventually those holding out will be penalized, forced into situations against their beliefs and some, eventuallyu, will have to give their lives for standing against such a system.

Obama Care is not the Mark but can easily be seen as a practice run at the real thing.  We are on this earth but the span of our life in the flesh is just that, in the flesh and limited to a certain number of years, not a lot but a few.  Satan, on the other hand, has been working on this move from the beginning of Eden and perhaps before.  His plan is to destroy all of us and if he has to destroy the whole world to do this, he will.  What better plan than to use your victim as the agent of distruction?

Take care brothers and sister in YaHshua, your servant, Dan